sábado, 4 de junho de 2016

Palavra de Deus

"I think the same way as Tuchel. Because like I said when we were young we could play in the street. You can't play in the street anymore. But a lot of times with small children I was playing in the parking lot. So what did that means? It means that the surface is bad, when you fall down it hurts, so you try to learn not to fall down. For small players they quickly understand they've got to be technically much better than the others. Because if he's slow the big one will eat him over and he'll be hurt.

Of couse we had a lot of complains of the mothers, they say "well my child fall down". And I answered the football game is not to fall down. So they have to manage one way or the other"

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Pedrooo317 disse...

Muito bom.

Continua com os excelentes posts.